Snow Be Gone!

So, after myΒ last blog postΒ I’d promised to write about something less wintery. That said, after I watched the snow cleanup in operation a few nights ago from the comfort of my balcony, I yesterday came upon a secondary sweep to clear up the other side of the road. Being rather impressed (and having videoed it, as several other people appeared to be doing too) I thought I’d share the video.

By all accounts, those blades which chop up the snow are quite dangerous, leading to a couple of messy fatalities last year (apparently in part due to the fact that a driver was operating the machinery whilst intoxicated). I think the trick is to stay well clear of these things!

You can see how quickly the lorries fill up with snow and have to head off to the nearest snow dumping ground. It’s a serious operation, and I can see why it’s taken nearly two weeks to clear the city. But, at least Montreal doesn’t have to call in the army to clear the snow, unlike aΒ certain nearby city.