A Visit to Place des Montréalaises

Edit: As of 2023, this place sadly no longer exists the space having been given over to further construction efforts around Champ-des-Mars Metro station. This is presumably to improve access between the Metro station and the Old Town.

Last year, I took a short visit to the new park near Montreal’s latest super-hospital.

The neighbourhood around Champ-des-Mars Metro station used to be incredibly run-down, and not at all pleasant. As one of the two stations providing access to the Old Town, visitors were greeted with a dirty overpass, followed by a seedy subway underpass, before emerging at the back of City Hall.

Now, they’re instead presented with a decent-sized public space. A diagonal path cuts across bringing them out almost opposite City Hall. Much better! Although the space is only temporary, it provides some welcome rejuvenation to a part of downtown that wasn’t exactly pleasant to spend time in.

Part of the reasoning in making this video was to test out my new phone camera, since I’d upgraded from an iPhone 5S to an 8 Plus, so the video was filmed, edited and uploaded entirely on my phone. For me, it’s an interesting paradigm shift to have a pocket device powerful enough to do all that without the need for a laptop.