Philadelphia to Atlantic City by Train

I’ve “reviewed” a couple of train journeys in the past, and here’s another short one about a train ride across the South of New Jersey.

Two NJ Transit trains stabled at Atlantic City

So, once again I found myself in the United States, this time travelling from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. NJ Transit’s Atlantic City Line is disconnected from the rest of their network. The tickets are cheap, with a one-way trip costing only $10.75. The trains and track are rickety, but for such a bargain price you can’t ask for much. Trains run once every hour, which compared to what I’m accustomed to in Montreal is pretty frequent.

The official route map. I'd never heard of any of the places along the way

I recorded the route using my GPS tracking app. Generally slow going until getting quite deep into New Jersey

Trains leave from Philadelphia’s impressive 30th Street Station. There’s not much in scenery along the route, which mainly consists of trees and towns. However, there are some pretty impressive views of Philadelphia and Atlantic City at each end of the route. Beyond that, this and previous experiences crossing the state gave me an impression of New Jersey being one giant bedroom suburb of Pennsylvania and New York.

Does that make New Jersey the US equivalent of Canada’s New Brunswick?

Downtown Philadelphia, as seen from a bumpy train trying to escape it