Return of the Shortcuts Archive

Just a quick note to say my Shortcuts archive now finally has a home on this website. I had originally set it up on GitHub long ago, because it seemed to make sense to have my shortcuts under version control. Back then shortcuts could be shared as actual files.

But then Apple changed their minds and decided to allow sharing via iCloud links, which made me reconsider the benefits of keeping them in GitHub. And so, they now live here.

Also, as of the time of writing it’s Automation April, so what better time to make the switch? There’s not many shortcuts in the archive right now as some of my older ones have been “sherlocked" by Apple, or better alternatives exist. But I’m always building new ones and have several in the pipeline, so I’ll share and post them when they’re ready. This will give each new Shortcut an opportunity to have the spotlight.

Shortcuts tend to be personal automations, but when I think one of my own shortcuts could be of interest or benefit to others, I’ll put in the work to polish it and share the shortcut here.

You can visit the archive here!

If you do use them and have any feedback or run into any issues, don’t hesitate to drop me a message over on Mastodon.

If you’re not sure what Shortcuts are, you can check out Apple’s info page to learn more. Or you can read some older blog posts on the subject as I’ve waxed evangelical (and ranted!) about Shortcuts quite a bit on this blog: