Toggle Menubar

This shortcut toggles the menubar on and off in full screen apps.

macOS Monterey introduced an option to have the menubar enabled or disabled for full screen apps.

However, what is not so well known is you can toggle the option per app provided you do it just before you maximise the app’s window to full screen.

The option is found in the System Settings which is annoying to find quickly. For convenience, you can instead pin this shortcut to the menubar and run it just before you launch an app to ensure the full screen menubar is in the desired state.

When you run the shortcut, a notification will show to let you know the current state of the full screen menubar.


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Platform Compatible
📱 iOS
💻 macOS

Third-Party Apps

✅ This shortcut does not require any third-party apps to be installed.


⚠️ This shortcut requires the following privileges:

  • Display notifications
  • Run shell scripts
  • Access terminal

Additional Resources

✅ No additional resources are required for this shortcut.