☃️ Yet Another Snowstorm

It feels every year I have to write something about Montreal’s most punishing Winter days. Being a relatively recent newcomer to Canada, I’m still impressed by the extremes of cold and snow which the local climate can achieve. Quite the juxtaposition to the grey and damp Winters of London I became accustomed to for most of my life.

January 21st 2018 may have been a record breaker here in Montreal. It’s apparently unusual to have a snow storm in which the temperature goes down to -30 C (with windchill), but there we went.

I had to work on that day, so enjoy a series of clips from this epic storm. I had to film in short bursts, lest my fingers dropped off from frostbite, but I’ll just say this: It’s not even the end of January and I’m already fed up with Winter.

Bonus photos from the days following: