📲 Shortcuts Collection - Summer 2019

I’m continuing to share the Shortcuts I’ve made over on GitHub, and with iOS 13 on the horizon this is going to be the last batch of iOS 12 Shortcuts, so let’s dig in!

As with the last batch, I’m sticking with the following rules to dictate which Shortcuts I share with the rest of the world:

  1. They’re likely to be useful to others
  2. They integrate with built-in apps and functionality without third party dependencies

Generally, I use all these shortcuts on a daily basis, so I thought they were worth opening up to others.

Simply searches Google. Run the shortcut directly to be prompted. Use the shortcut in the Share Sheet with highlighted text to search from anywhere.

More details and download here.

Emoji Lookup

Will let you search Emojipedia. You can call it directly and enter a search term, or use it from the share sheet with highlighted text.

I created this as I find the built in iOS emoji keyboard inefficient, particularly if I’m looking for emoji ideas rather than a specific emoji.

More details and download here.

Mobile Kanban

If you have a physical Kanban at home or at work, you might want to refer to it on the move. This Shortcut lets you quickly snap a photo of it, for example when leaving the office. You can then quickly recall the photo on the move.

The Shortcut provides an option to either take “View” or “Record” the Kanban. Choose “Record” to take a fresh photo which will overwrite the existing one.

More details and download here.


I give myself a weekly budget to limit how much I spend on snacks and coffee during the working week. This Shortcut helps you track how your budget is doing during the week. Every time you make a purchase, simply run the shortcut from your widget and enter the amount you spent. A notification will let you know how much budget you have left for the week, and how close you are to going in the red.

More details and download here.

Learn New Word

Every come across a new word you had to look up, and wanted to retain its meaning? This Shortcut will help. There are two ways to run it:

  • Launch the Shortcut directly and enter the word directly. You’ll be show its definition, and the prompted as to whether you want to store the word or not.
  • Highlight the word and call this Shortcut from the sharesheet.
    Use this Shortcut with “Review Word”.

More details and download here.

Review Word

The companion Shortcut to “Learn New Word”. When you run it, a word will be picked at random and you’ll be prompted to recall its definition. Click “OK” to see the word’s definition and find out if you were right!

More details and download here.


Functions are Shortcuts which get called from other Shortcuts. They provide reusable functionality for common tasks.

You can see a list of them over on GitHub.