⚡️ Summer of Lightning

This may be the best weather photo I’ll ever take.

I feel safe to go on record in saying this year’s weather is the most extreme I’ve ever experienced.

A thunderstorm passes close to downtown Montreal

Amongst all the exciting weather, I managed to get a few of my best lightning photographs over the summer, so I thought I’d share them as we’ve now bidden farewell to the warmer weather for another year.

The radar shows several severe cells in and around Montreal

It’s hard to perfectly time the shutter with a flash of lightning, especially when using an iPhone. In the past I’d taken the approach of recording a video and isolating the range with the strike. This time, my technique was to use the Live Photos feature of my iPhone to not miss the perfect shot.

Another impressive strike!

Earlier in the year I wrote at length about the late Winter ice storm, but things didn’t stop there. In July, Montreal got slammed by a succession of three separate thunder storms in quick succession during the course of a single afternoon.

The camera blurs the moment this bolt came down

This led to two local power outages in the same day, one from forest fires and the second from the storm. One tornado was reported near Montreal alongside a separate funnel cloud. The vast amount of rainfall lead to possible contamination of the St. Lawrence River.

Some cloud-to-cloud lightning forms in the sky

As bad as we were hit in Central Canada, Atlantic Canada seemed to have it even worse.

Spider lightning bursts out of a charged cloud

Later in the year the resulting smoke of forest fires in northern Quebec resulted in Montreal briefly becoming the world’s most polluted city and breaking its own records.

The storm fades off into the distance...

And that’s not to mention a couple of heat waves, although those weren’t the worst I’ve experienced.

Mammatus clouds form in the sky ahead of another storm

Rounding things off was a small earthquake just off the island of Montreal, but I’m not sure that counts as a weather experience.

Stunning colours strike the clouds after a day of inclement summer weather

A colourful triplex on a rainy day

The sky begins to look colder at the end of summer

We’re now deep into the Autumn season – or “Fall” as it’s aptly called in North America. Here’s hoping Winter is less eventful.

Brids fly in formation through an evening rainbow