Another Beer Bites the Dust

I felt the need to metaphorically pour one out for Ma Brasserie, my “local” which closed its doors last week.

They site the reason for closure as being the competition between local microbreweries ā€“ to be fair Montreal now has an awful lot ā€“ alongside rent increases and the general cost of equipment and raw materials.

I’m sad, because it was one of the nicest pubs I’ve frequented and also family friendly, something I’m used to in UK pubs but remaining something of a rarity over here. Some pretty amazing times were had with family and friends, and when someone visited me in town Iā€™d always make the specific effort to bring them there for a pint.

I’m also sad for the founders and employees who quite clearly poured their hearts into making it such a welcoming place to visit. The food was excellent and they even had a couple of pinball machines to boot.

They brewed some wonderful beers including 3 Balles 2 Prises, Momo and Les Archives, so-named after the Quebec National Archives visible over the road from the pub’s beer garden. These will now be lost to the ages.

So long Ma Brasserie, the local beer scene has lost one of its finest.