This simple yet versatile shortcut sets an interactive countdown for when you might want to pace yourself in an activity or habit (eg: drinking too much coffee), but you don’t want to use the Clock app’s built-in timer in order to avoid an alarm when the time is up.

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You can even start the timer on one device (eg: your Mac) and the timer will be set across all devices.

Here’s how it works:

  • Launch the shortcut and start the timer.
  • When you want to check how much time is remaining, launch the shortcut again.
    • If time remains, the shortcut will tell you how much.
    • If the time has expired, the shortcut will also let you know and you can set a fresh timer.

Some examples where you might want to use this shortcut:

  • Pacing your beer drinking down the pub.
  • As a type of pomodoro timer which won’t interrupt your focus when the time expires in case you reach flow state.
  • To cut back on snacking, as regular timers can remind you to snack once the time expires.

When you install the shortcut, it will ask you how long the default timer should be.


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Platform Compatible
πŸ“± iOS βœ…
πŸ’» macOS βœ…

Third-Party Apps

ℹ️ This app requires Data Jar to be installed.


⚠️ This app requires access to the Data Jar app.

Additional Resources

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