A simple shortcut which when run will listen for you use your voice to ask ChatGPT a question. The answer from ChatGPT will be read out.

This shortcut will continue the current conversation in your ChatGPT app, so you canΒ  launch the shortcut again to ask a follow-on question or open the app to review the questions and answers at a later time.

There are many ways to easily invoke this shortcut, such as adding it as a widget on your home screen or using Back Tap.


Tap or click below to install!


Platform Compatible
πŸ“± iOS βœ…
πŸ’» macOS ❌

Third-Party Apps

ℹ️ This app requires the official ChatGPT app to be installed.


⚠️ This app requires access to the official ChatGPT app.

Additional Resources

βœ… No additional resources are required for this shortcut.

Version History

Version Date Comments
2 25/07/23 Continue last conversation without prompting.
1 22/07/23 Initial version.